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All About Game Birds

That Quail Place is for individuals interested in raisingquail and other game birds.  You will find information about many game birds, including, coturnix quail, bobwhite quail, pharaoh quail, button quail, pheasant, partridge and other game birds.

What you will find on our website....
Chukar PartridgeThis website has been developed to provide information regarding the general care, breeding, incubating, brooding and raising of quail and game birds.  An area is also provided for those individuals interested in purchasing supplies, including equipment used for raising and breeding quail, live birds and hatching eggs.

Why people raise gamebirds....
Golden PheasantGame birds are raised for several different reasons.  They can provide a profitable means of income by supplying grown birds to outdoor sporting clubs for recreation,  restaurants - where the meat is consumed as a delicacy, and to individuals who consume the eggs as an alternative to chicken eggs. Pickled quail eggs, for instance, are increasing in popularity.


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