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Interested in advertising on our website?

That Quail Place was developed to share information among people interested in all aspects of gamebird propagation.  We are fortunate to have several thousand visitors each month visit our website to either learn more about raising gamebirds or share their knowledge with others.

Advertising on our website:

     We invite those who are interested in advertising on our website to contact us with your ideas.  Our most popular advertising option is to be included on our banner ad rotation on our home page.  We find that banner ads are very effective at getting your name and product information in front of a lot of people.

How the banner ad words?

     The banner ads located on our website rotate every 5 seconds. This means that a new banner ad is displayed every 5 seconds regardless of whether the page is refreshed.  This allows us to continuously provide fresh and new information for our visitors.

What happens when someone clicks on a banner ad?

     Clicking on a banner ad will automatically take the visitor to your website.  This allows them to learn more about your business or product.

What if I don't have a website?

    One option that we make available to people who don't have a website is to develop a page on our website that displays information about your business or products.

How much will all this cost?

     Here's a run down of normal costs.  These costs are just estimates. Contact us for exact amounts:

  • 6 month banner advertising -   $50.00
  • If needed, banner creation -   $50.00
  • If needed, advertising page on our site -  $100.00
    • This page is maintained as long as you have a banner ad on our site.

Banner information:

     Banners are generally 468 x 60 pixels and can be animated (gif) or jpg.

Need more information:

     Visit our Contact page


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