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Valley (California) Quail (29993 bytes)The California Valley Quail

(Callifpepla Californicus)


The following information is taken in part from an
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 titled, 'Upland Game Birds - Their Breeding and Care'.
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Of all the birds native to the sate of California, none is more universally enjoyed and appreciated than the California Valley Quail.  The handsome plumage, pert demeanor, and melodious calls are appealing to everyone fortunate enough to know the species, and is it is not surprising that in 1931 the State Legislature by unanimous acclamation declared the California quail to be the State Bird of California (Leopold, 1977).  This attractive bird is known by many names, including, California partridge, Catalina quail, Topknot quail and Valley Quail.    It is known commonly in California as the Valley quail, to distinguish it from the Mountain quail; but ornithologists now recognize two subspecies, the California quail and the Valley quail, both entirely distinct from the Mountain quail (Forbush, 1917).

The range of this quail is made up of varied topography and climatical conditions.   It is found from Baja California, Mexico, up through the western states into Canada.  Its eastward range goes as for as Nevada, Utah and Idaho with introductions in Colorado.

In captivity, the California quail is one of the easier quail to get to breed.   They are by nature very nervous and thus do not do as well in small cages as some of the other quail.  It is believed they do much better on the ground if you have a drier climate or if you make dry ground available for them.  Many are raised on wire every year so there is no hard rule about them.


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