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Upland Gamebirds
Chinese Painted Quail- Button Quail
Swan Breeding & Management
Waterfowl Care, Breeding & Conservation
The Duck Handbook
A Guide to Pheasants & Waterfowl
A Guide to Pheasants & Waterfowl
Peafowl Breeding
Incubation & Care:
Complete Pet Bird Owners Handbook
Captive Birds in Health & Disease
A Guide to Better Hatching
The New Incubation Book
Sexing All Fowl
Pet Chickens
Keep Chickens
Pigeons Books

Raising Gamebirds
Hunting Upland Gamebirds
California Quail
Bobwhite Quail
On Bobwhite
Pigeons, Doves & Quail
The Quail, Partridge & Francolins of the World
Raising the Home Duck Flock
Raising Your Own Turkey
The Merck Veterinary Manual
The Chicken Health Handbook
A Guide to Raising Chickens

That Quail Place Book Store

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Locating quality quail and gamebird books can be difficult these days, as most of these types of books are specialty items that can not be found locally. The That Quail Place Bookstore is your number one source for books about propagating quail, pheasant, chukars and other gamebirds. With our association with, our Bookstore contains one of the most comprehensive lists of gamebird books found anywhere on the internet. We are now able to offer you many of the all time best classic titles at a discounted price along with the confidence that you are dealing with an established, trustworthy retailer who offers top-notch customer service and ships books worldwide.

The purpose of
That Quail Place Bookstore is to provide a useful service to our readers.  If you purchase a book through our bookstore, pays us a 5 - 15% commission, depending on the book that you order. This money is used to help offset the cost of providing this website.  To save you the time of searching through the 2.5 million books that stocks, we have selected a variety of books in several categories that we thought would be of help and interest to you.


Our bookstore is as easy to use as 1-2-3. All you have to do is click on a book title that you are interested in. If you would like to order the book, just place it in your shopping cart and it will be added to your order. You can order your books safely and securely online with your credit card. If you do not want to submit your order online, you can call in or fax your credit card number, or you can order by check or postal money order.

You do not pay any more by ordering through us than you would if you ordered directly through Remember, in order for us to get credit for your purchase, you must "click" on the book title on OUR  SITE. All of the books listed on our site have a computer tracking code that lets know where the order came from. When you click on a book title to place an order, it will take you to the site. While there, you will be offered choices of other books of a similar nature to the one you are ordering. DO NOT ORDER ANY BOOK FROM THIS AREA OTHER THAN THE ONE YOU CLICKED ON FROM OUR SITE. Just because we have the same titles listed on our site does not mean we will get credit for your purchase if you click on that same title on the site. You must come back to our site and "click" on the title or we will not get credit for your purchase. Help support this site by ordering through us.


In addition to our specially selected books provided by, we are providing information about other periodicals and magazines published by individuals and publishers other than and That Quail Place. It will be necessary to contact these individuals directly to acquire subscriptions and copies of their materials. 


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