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Introduction to Ornamental Pheasants (10778 bytes)  Introduction to Ornamental Pheasants
by Keith C.R. Howman

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122 pp. Color and b&w photos. Hardcover. 1996. 

A basic, yet comprehensive book to guide pheasant newcomers through the many aspects of selection and management of these birds, including housing, feeding, general care, and species identification.

Excerpt from book.....

The keeping and breeding of ornamental pheasants has grown considerably in recent years and with it the need for a basic, yet comprehensive, book on the subject to guide newcomers through the many aspects of selection and management of these birds.

This volume provides answers to most questions likely to be asked in respect of housing, feeding, general care and also on the species themselves.

The author has been involved with pheasants for many years and in his superb aviaries keeps and breeds many species.  He is Director General of the World Pheasant Association and has traveled extensively throughout the world in his quest to study the many species in their natural habitat and also to meet other enthusiasts. 

Illustrated throughout with both color and black and white photographs, this book will prove an invaluable reference work for those planning to keep their first pheasants, while being of more than passing interest to those who are already experienced in keeping these beautiful birds.



  • Aviaries: Practical Considerations

  • General Management and Husbandry

  • Feeding

  • Choice of Species and Stock Selection

  • The Breeding Season

  • The Pheasant Species: 80+ covered

  • The World Pheasant Association

  • Suggested Readings



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