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 Peafowl Breeding and Management
by Loyl Stromberg.

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80 pp. Color and b&w photos. Paperback. 1985. 

 A very helpful and informative book drawn from the author's peafowl breeding experiences, with information on feeding, housing, and descriptions of several species.

Excerpt from book.....

The lack of sufficient information on peafowl brought about this book.  Some books with information on peafowl have gone out of print.  The very well illustrated book by Josef Bergman of Germany: "Peafowl of the World" is a good book but high priced.  The need for information on diseases that can effect peafowl with treatments, was most apparent. Naturally, we are hopeful for the need of a reprinting in the future so if we have overlooked any helpful information, we will welcome receiving it along with your suggestions on improving this book.  





  • Body regions and Plumage

  • Pea Fowl History

  • Breeding

  • Incubation

  • Brooding and Housing

  • Feeding

  • Experiences with Pea Fowl

  • Pea Fowl Art

  • White Pea Fowl

  • Java Green Pea Fowl

  • Hybrid Pea Fowl

  • Silver Dunn-Cameo History

  • Roast Peacock Recipes

  • Diseases Common to Pea Fowl

  • Breeders Experience

  • Much, Much, More


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