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Game Bird Propagation
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Game  Bird Propagation
by John Mullin

Excellent Book!
TQP Exclusive

Latest Sixth Edition now available!!

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Sixth Edition.  More than 350 pages of information.  Easy to read and comprehend.  A practical guide for both the novice and the professional.  This book covers all aspects of raising gamebirds from beginning to end. It discusses incubation, brooding, breeding, health issues, nutrition, handling predators, parasites, pen and cage construction, cannibalism and marketing.  It also devotes individual chapters to Coturnix Quail, Bobwhite Quail, Gray / Chukar / Redleg Partridge, Ringneck Pheasant, Wild Turkey, Mallard Ducks and Geese.

Exert from Game Bird Propagation -


The purpose of this book is to convey a clearer conception of the basics of gamebird propagation. It includes the fundamental principles involved in various gamebird practices, and up-to-date information concerning methods of gamebird production and marketing.

In general, the book refers to commercial production.  The same basic principles can be adapted to producing and maintaining a small flock. 

Personal enjoyment in raising gamebirds depends largely upon knowledge of the basic principles and practices explained in this book.  Economic success in commercial gamebird production and marketing depends on understanding the basics, and practicing all the principles, of effective mass-production and efficient marketing and delivery.

Raising gamebirds is an attractive business for small acreage, either as a hobby, a 4-H project - or a full scale commercial operation.  The interest is increasing rapidly and the market for gamebirds is greatly expanding.  Gamebird propagation is an ideal hobby that maintains closer touch with 'nature'.

Many people raise gamebirds to release in wildlife coverts near their own home.  Increasing numbers of gamebirds are produced for the gourmet food market or for individual consumption.

Chapter Highlights:
  1. Getting Started
  2. Gamebird Physiology
  3. Marketing
  4. Nutrition
  5. Breeding Birds
  6. The Egg Laying Machine
  7. Care & Storage of Hatching Eggs
  8. Natural Incubation
  9. Preparing the Incubator
  10. Incubation & Hatching
  11. Brooding
  12. Cannibalism
  13. Diseases
  14. Parasites
  15. Predator Control
  16. Bobwhite Quail
  17. Coturnix Quail
  18. Chukar/Redleg Partridge
  19. Gray Partridge 'Huns'
  20. Ringneck Pheasants
  21. Wild Turkeys
  22. Geese
  23. Mallard Ducks
  24. Feather Clipping & Pinioning
  25. Avian Scientists
  26. Suppliers of Equipment & Materials
  27. Incubator Models
  28. Gamebird References
  29. Conversion Tables
  30. Glossary

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