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Upland Game Birds -
Their Breeding and Care

by Dr. Leland Hayes

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The book that everyone interested in gamebirds should have.  It contains 360 pages of helpful information written in easy to understand English.  The material is indexed for easy reference.

You should have this book in your library!

There has been a great need for comprehensive work on how to manage and breed game birds by a person with an extensive and authoritative background in game bird research, breeding and pathology.  This book fills this need!  Upland Game Birds - Their Breeding and Care is the second edition of the popular first printing Raising Game Birds which is now out of print.

    Some of the chapters include complete descriptions, breeding and management, the latest information on 15 species of quail; 15 species of partridge; 15 species of pheasants; 5 species of wild turkeys; 5 species of jungle fowl; 5 species of guinea fowl; with updated material on the breeding, care and health of each of these species. This new edition has 25 color pictures of birds and new black and white photographs.  It is filled with information that is not only good, solid, practical information for everyday use, but it also is useful and valuable as a resource document.  It is written in understandable English easy for the experienced as well as the inexperienced breeder to understand.  This is the book that a beginner should have.

    There is a section on keeping your gamebirds healthy and a listing of some of the most common diseases that affect gamebirds giving symptoms and possible treatment.

    This is a HOW TO book on raising gamebirds if there ever was one.  It is documented from extensive research that went into it's preparation.  It contains an alphabetized index that gives the reader easy reference. This book is popular all over the world.  Regardless of where you live, it will answer your questions.





360 pp. Paperback 1995. Color photos and B&W drawings and maps.   Practical information for the beginning and experienced game bird breeder on how to raise upland game birds including quail, partridge, pheasant, jungle fowl, guinea fowl, and wild turkey, with sections on game bird breeding and health and diseases.



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