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Wildlife Harvest
Gamebird Gazette

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Wildlife Harvest Magazine
published monthly

Wildlife Harvest Publications, Inc., P.O. Box 96, Goose Lake, Iowa 52750
John M. Mullin, Publisher



Wildlife Harvest MagazineWildlife Harvest Magazine

Finding helpful information about raising game birds can be a difficult task to say the least. That is why That Quail Place has selected Wildlife Harvest Magazine as the readers choice magazine for the fall of 1998.

    Wildlife Harvest Magazine is dedicated to providing information about game bird production and improved hunting.  The magazine, which is published monthly, ranges from 65-85 pages of black and white stories. Many of the articles written in Wildlife Harvest describe helpful hints on subjects ranging from incubating game bird eggs, proper brooder set up for young chicks, hints on raising game birds to maturity, and methods of marketing raised birds.

    The magazine also covers topics helpful to individuals employed in the target shooting and sports hunting industry. The editors of the magazine provide readers with a great deal of information about managing a profitable hunting preserve.

    The Magazine's layout consists of three primary areas.  First, most of the magazine consists of short articles.  These articles range from a couple of sentences to several pages in length - many include pictures.  Second, there is an area dedicated to 'news from around'. This area shares communication between the editors and subscribers of the magazine.  Helpful information on the game bird industry can be found here.  The last section of the magazine is the Classifieds area.  This section, consisting of approximately 5 pages, lists businesses and individuals with equipment and birds for sale.  There are also numerous ads located throughout the magazine offering for sale everything imaginable relating to the propagation of game birds.

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