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Care, Breeding & Conservation

by Simon Tarsnane

Covers everything about
waterfowl propagation

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A Complete Work on Waterfowl

PHOTO Highlights: 32 Page Full-Color Section
Pages: 288

Description: Simon Tarsnane has crated the ultimate resource for anyone interested in the propagation and preservation of waterfowl. A practical working handbook for both the beginner and the advanced aviculturist, Tarsnane draws on more than twenty years of experience to offer concise and informative data about all the waterfowl of the world. Describing modern management and breeding techniques, the book also surveys aspects of the natural history, ecology and conservation of several species. This impressive treatise is filled with spectacular color photos, often of rarely seen waterfowl. If you are just interested in finding out more about the common city park mallard or need to know the specifics about the nesting requirements of a Burmese Spotbill - This book is for you!


In this impressive single-volume treatise, Simon Tarsnane has promulgated something entirely uncommon in the annals of waterfowl literature - a concise and informative blend of the captive management and natural history of virtually all genera in the waterfowl family, together with photographs of exceptional quality that are probably unequalled in any other book on the subject.
While it is geared primarily to the waterfowl breeder, the book surveys aspects of the natural history, ecology and conservation of many species, and contains some heretofore unpublished wild observations of the behavior and biology of certain waterfowl, and these may be helpful to those working with some of the species which have proven more difficult to propagate.
As was the case with his first publication, A Manual of Ornamental Waterfowl Management, the text of this book is of high quality and should prove extremely helpful to both the novice and more experienced aviculturist and Simon's hypotheses on some of the lesser understood aspect of waterfowl culture will prove stimulating and thought provoking to the more serious students in this field. His grasp of the subject matter is superb and is undoubtedly the result of his many years of propagational experience with waterfowl both in England and America.
Whether an avicultruist, zoo curator, biologist or simply a person interested in the propagation and conservation of waterfowl, you will find this book an invaluable addition to the store of knowledge on waterfowl breeding and management.
-George A. Allen, Jr.
Gamebird Research and Preservation Center
Salt Lake City, Utah

Illustrations 7
The Photographer 8
Dedication 10
Foreword 11
Introduction and Acknowledgements 12
Stockmanship 15
Facilities 21
Water Supply 21
Recycling Water 23
Pumps and Hydrodynamics 24
Ponds 26
Freeze Protection 30
Fencing and Top Netting 32
Grazing and Plant Selection 37
Watering Systems 41
Acquiring Your Stock 43
Diet and Nutrition 48
Vitamins 50
Minerals 51
Pelleted and Crumble Rations 52
Supplemental Greens 53
Supplemental Live Food 53
Supplemental Vitamins 54
Grains 55
How to Feed 55
Nesting Requirements 59
Cavity Nesters 59
Ground Boxes 61
Ground Nesters 62
Swan Nests 62
Stifftail Nests 63
Eggs 65
Egg Storage 69
Broody Hens 71
Candling 74
Artificial Incubation 76
Incubator Rooms 77
Incubator Design 77
Thermometers 78
Prewarning of Eggs 79
Incubator Temperatures 80
Humidity 81
Turning Eggs 83
Hatching 84
Incubator Hygiene 87
Rearing 89
Indoor Brooders 90
Indoor Swimming Units 92
Heat Lights 96
From the Incubator to the Brooder 96
Starting to Feed 98
Feed 99
Outdoor Brooding 101
Disease and Ailments and of Young Waterfowl 105
Pinioning and Sexing 110
Waterfowl Ailments and Remedies 113
Stress 114
Prevention 115
Treatment 116
Ailments of the Head 117
Ailments of the Respiratory System 117
The Organs 119
Nutritional Ailments 120
Infections of the Intestinal System 120
Ailments of the Extremities 121
Egg-bound Waterfowl 122
Predator Control 124
Dabbling Ducks 161
Mallards 161
North American Black Duck 162
Mexican Duck and Florida Duck 163
Spotbills 163
Meller's Duck 164
Grey Ducks 164
Philippine Duck 165
African Black Ducks 165
Laysan Teal 166
Hawaiian Duck 167
Yellow-billed Ducks 168
Falcated Teal 168
Gadwall 168
Wigeons 169
Pintail 169
Yellow-billed Pintails 170
Gargancy, Blue-winged and Cinnamon 171
Shoveler 173
Aberrant Dabbling Ducks 174
Diving Ducks 176
Pochards 176
Scaup 179
White-eyes 180
Mergansers 181
Perching Ducks 186
White winged Wood Duck and Muscovy 186
Hartlaub's 187
Pink-eared Duck 188
Ringed Teal 189
Mandarin and Wood Duck 189
Maned Goose 190
Pygmy Goose 191
Comb Ducks 192
Brazilian Teal 193
Sea Ducks 194
Eiders 194
Harlequin 199
Longtail or Old Squaw 201
Buffleheads 203
Goldeneyes 204
Scoters 206
Steamer Ducks 208
Stifftails 211
Teal 217
Sharp-winged Teal 220
Torrent Ducks 224
Whistling Ducks 226
Geese 231
Grey Geese 233
Snow Geese 237
Black Geese 240
Aberrant Geese 248
Shelducks 252
Crested Ducks 255
Sheldgeese 257
Swans 263
Epilogue 268
Index: Common and Scientific Names 270

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